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A little about myself

Claudius Mbemba

Adventure addict, Life learner, World traveler,
Entrepreneur, & Developer residing in Seattle WA

After graduating HS in the top of my class, I accepted an offer letter to The Ohio State University, where I'd earned an academic full-ride scholarship, planning to major in computer science but also play varsity sports. And so, while doing IT at a summer job, I self-trained non-stop for 3 months, working out twice daily at 6am, before work, and 6pm, after work. And as a result, I earned a walk-on position on the Buckeyes football team.

Division I collegiate football was a full-time job in and of its own. Having to balance a tough academic schedule & rigorous practice schedule, all the while working (I worked as a technology assistant) to pay for housing and my next meal (scholarship only covered tuition) meant I was just getting by in my classes.

During my two-and-a-half year colligate football career, I suffered 2 major injuries, 1 of which was limb threatening (compartment syndrome). It was after the 2nd major injury that I ultimately decided to move on from the sport and focus on my Bachelors. Moving on from football left me with plenty of time on my hands and so I sought to fill it by founding & leading student orgs, finding my passion for and participating in numerous hackathons, and ultimately starting 2 companies.

FUNDSTARTER LLC, my first social-entrepreneurial venture, was founded in 2012-13. The concept of crowdfunding was just hitting its peak; spearheaded by companies like Kickstarter. We were the "Kickstarter for non-profits". Using the crowdfunding model, with a twist (raffle auctioning), donors could give to causes they cared about and potentially win once-in-a-lifetime experiences (an early competitor in the space was omaze.com). Fundstarter was successful for a year but then the realities of a startup ran solely by college students who weren't dropping out of college resulted in the slow but sure death of the business.

From that failure I gained a lot of knowledge, which I brought along to my 2nd venture. In 2014-15, as a result of an independent study for my entrepreneurship minor, 4 close developer friends (including my former manager) and I founded AppKitchen to build mobile applications for small & medium businesses (SMBs) on a budget.

As CEO, I did a lot of business development and project pipeline building. But in summer of ’15, I took an internship at Microsoft to learn best-practices of developing enterprise software. This resulted in a full-time offer from Microsoft and me subsequently stepping down as CEO from AppKitchen. AppKitchen has since gone on to do amazing work building mobile apps.

Presently I am a software engineer at Microsoft, under Office, helping to pioneer how we think about productivity on mobile in this new Cloud-first, Mobile-first era.

But the story (obviously) doesn’t end there. In fact, there's much, MUCH more to this story (for example did I mention I'm a 1st generation immigrant?) OR THAT I LEFT AN AMAZING JOB AT MICROSOFT TO PLUNGE BACK INTO STARTUPS??? (Checkout Neu below)...All of which I'd be happy to tell you over lunch or coffee. Feel free to contact me below.

Education & Diplomas

My academic career thus far

Dec, 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

The Ohio State University

I completed my Bachelor's from The Ohio State University, where I studied Computer Science with a minor in Spanish and a strong focus on Entrepreneurship. I held numerous leadership position on campus that ranged from varsity sports to entrepreneurship and development; even founding a student organization focused on building entrepreneurial students.


Software Engineering Development

University of the Web

From Lynda to Udemy, I’ve taken my education beyond the walls of the typical classroom and constantly look online to improve my knowledge of different programming languages, web, and mobile technologies such as PHP, ROR, HTML, CSS, JS, Objective-C. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge on my own and continue to look to the web to learn new programming skills and languages.

Jun, 2011

High School Diploma

Olentangy High School

I’m an alumni of Olentangy High School in Lewis Center, OH. There I studied multiple disciplines with a focus in Math, Science, History, Psychology, and English. In addition I played varsity football, was 2 time Track and Field Captain as well as a school record holder in discus. I was VP of the school’s largest student organization that focused on service within the community, and I participated in a host of student orgs such as the National Honor Society. I graduated in the top 5% of my class with high honors including Summa Cum Laude.

Work Experience

My current & previous associations. Find more here

Feb, 2018


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Building the technological vision & platform for Neu - a tech enabled service providing hotel-grade turnovers for Airbnb/vacation rentals.

Mar, 2017
Jul, 2018


Software Development Engineer II

Customer facing engineer, helping unblock Microsoft partners and ISVs by coding with their dev teams on their toughest technological problems ranging from:

Mobile apps, Azure cloud, Bots
Cortana skills, ML & AI, IoT
DevOps, Kubernetes, & Blockchain

Mar, 2016
Mar, 2017


Software Development Engineer

Working under the Office Product Group (OPG) developing applications to solve the issue of productivity on mobile.

Shipped Version 3 of Outlook on Apple Watch / iOS.
Built Outlook for Alexa/Amazon Echo.
Worked on a V1 product, Office Mobile Hub for iOS.

Technical Skills

Some things I can say I’m getting good at…


80% Complete

Building production ready web apps with database layers.


80% Complete

Constant use in my web development.


85% Complete

Have built and launched Android apps.

Ruby on Rails

90% Complete

Building ROR web apps with DB capabilities.


90% Complete

Currently using jQuery in web apps, S.P.As, and AJAX.


85% Complete

Have built and shipped IOS applications.

Leadership Skills


100% Complete

High achiever and a goal setter and getter.


95% Complete

Strong communication and speaking skills.


90% Complete

Able to take a concept and extrapolate.


90% Complete

Hold a number of leadership positions in my community / work


85% Complete

Can effectively delegate while contributing to a team effort.


90% Complete

Love to work in diverse groups and collaborate with other team members.


A showcase of the things I dabble in

  • Microsoft
  • Neu Cleans
  • Fundstarter
  • Liquory
  • Sphinx
  • AppKitchen
  • BBC
  • OSU Football
  • Startup Weekend
  • Boss
  • leapkey
  • FamilyNews iOS app

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Seattle WA

+740 641 0248

[email protected]


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